Four Essential Power Tools for Homeowners
March 10, 2022

As first-time homeowners, there’s often the excitement of knowing that you can tinker with anything and everything in the house. This excitement, however, comes with a certain anxiety about what tools will be needed to maintain the home and fix simple issues that crop up from time to time.

While the list of tools and appliances for a fun-filled experience is inexhaustible, there is a scale of preference that should guide every homeowner with their first few power tools. This article aims to list some of the essential power tools for homeowners.

1. Cordless drills and drivers
First on the list are the drills and drivers. Drills are useful for making holes in surfaces, and this constitutes a large part of Do It Yourself (DIY) jobs around the house. The drivers are used for turning bolts and screws and are instrumental in installing appliances or other equipment—like tabletop computers—onto work surfaces.
The fact that the drills are cordless makes them less cumbersome to use. They are powered by batteries that usually accompany the package when buying the tool. There are variants of drills and drivers that come with high-speed and low-speed switches designed to accommodate working on fragile or thin surfaces. A modification to the drivers, called impact drivers, allows for driving in several bolts at once or long bolts into thick surfaces.

2. Palm Sanders
Most home projects revolve around wood and wooden materials. Usually, finishing or polishing wooden surfaces is quite difficult using traditional methods like using sandpaper for sanding projects. Therefore, a tool like a palm sander comes in handy in that regard. The palm sander accomplishes sanding and polishing assignments in shorter periods of time and ensures smoother operations and less stress while working. They are especially useful when used alongside circular saws.

3. Cordless circular saws
A cordless circular saw is an essential tool for homeowners who like to do wooden projects, like building shelves and tables, or are deep into DIY engagements. The cordless circular saw makes for faster, more precise cuts. It is also cordless, which means it will be pretty handy and easy to operate.
If the saw is not handled carefully, accidents can occur. To reduce the risk of the occurrence of ugly situations, cordless circular saws often come with a lock switch to prevent the machine from turning on accidentally and blade guards to prevent the blades from cutting the operator’s hands if they get too close.

4. Wet and dry vacuums
Wet/dry vacuum cleaners are the most suitable type of vacuum to buy. They are more advantageous because they can pick up both liquid and dry dirt in the house without causing electrocution or damage to the machine itself. The wet and dry compartments are separated inside the vacuum. The wet compartment contains filters for filtering out debris from the liquid spills. After each use, these filters have to be cleaned out to prevent mildew from developing in the vacuum.

Wet/dry vacuums are also well suited for heavy-duty jobs; the dry compartments can even clean up fireplaces, as long as the ash is not too hot for the machine.

As stated initially, there are many tools used to maintain the home and carry out leisurely projects. However, the ones listed above stand out as key to home management and, as a result, are essential tools for homeowners to have.