The Best Camping Gear for Summer
February 25, 2022

The warm weather in summer makes any outdoor activity, including camping, adventurous. With schools also on holidays, you have a perfect period to go out camping with the family and friends.

Whether you intend to hike to a mountainous area or pitch your tent in an assigned or open area, you should get the following summer camping gear:

1. A Portable Ice Maker

If you’re going to be outdoors during summer, you need to stay hydrated, but you wouldn’t want to take warm liquid. As you go camping in summer, you need a portable ice maker because beverages and water tend to get warm quickly. With a portable tabletop ice maker, you can have ice to chill your water and beverages within a few minutes.

2. An Inflammable Splash Pad

You can easily set up an inflammable splash pad at your campsite or your proposed resting area. Since you’d be out when the weather is hot, a short period of cooling yourself in an inflammable splash pad will make the heat bearable while adding convenience and fun to your activities on your camping trip.

Ensure you have a water sprout and garden hose to set up the inflammable splash pad.

3. Cooling Towels and Blankets

You need every means possible to avoid dehydration during your camping experience in summer. When you feel unbearably hot, you can soak a cooling towel in water and place it around your neck. Cooling towels are breathable and can serve you for about three hours.

4. A Pop-up Canopy

Inside your tent can get stuffy and hot easily on summer afternoons. Even with an open flap in your tent, you may not get sufficient ventilation. Getting a pop-up canopy has several benefits. It offers protection from the scorching sun while allowing air to circulate properly. Your pop-up canopy can also provide hanging out areas for your camping party.

You can set up the pop-up canopy in the afternoons, giving your tents time to cool off for your night rest.

5. Sunscreen (SPF 30) and Sunglasses

While summer is a perfect time to be outdoors, you need to protect your skin from the adverse effect of sunrays. Nothing can dampen a happy summer camping mood than having severe sunburn.

Ensure you always have sunscreen with at least SPF 30 on and don’t forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

6. A Handheld Fan

A battery-powered handheld fan is perfect for when you want to relax at your campsite. Different handheld fan brands are available, but one with a misting feature is better to give you cool air. Your fans can also keep insects away while you have a good rest at the end of your day.

Summer can be a fun period, but it is easy to get carried away by the euphoria of the season and forget your camping essentials. If you hope to have an exceptional camping experience, your summer camping gear should keep you cool and protect you from the sun.