Top 5 Household Applications of Solar Power
March 12, 2022

From factories to office buildings to private residences, solar energy consumers are increasing, and solar power is replacing other power sources. Some appliances are modified to accommodate solar panels and inverters, emphasizing how fast solar energy is gaining popularity.

There are a lot of uses we have for power within the house. The following are some household applications of solar energy within the home.

1. Solar electricity

Solar electricity is an aspect of solar power application becoming increasingly popular. It is becoming a common sight to see solar panels on rooftops and steel mounts year in, year out. The gradually decreasing prices have further encouraged the installation of solar power systems. The tariff rates for consuming solar power have also dropped since the advent of solar harvesting, which has helped promote solar energy worldwide.

A solar system is a simple setup involving solar panels, an inverter, and batteries for storing excess power produced during the day. Depending on a budget of the consumer, they can install their solar power system based on any of the following models:

  • Grid-tied systems, where the consumer is connected to a central grid, drawing power when the panels installed cannot generate enough power.
  • Off-grid systems, where the solar generation is isolated from any central grid. Power generated can be stored in batteries, and all power required is generated from the installed system.
  • Hybrid systems, which combine the two previous methods.

The solar panels can be mounted on steel supports or the rooftops around. The other components can be connected remotely by wires to the solar grids.

2. Solar water heating

Another top application of solar energy in modern times is solar water heating. The solar heaters are placed above the water tanks. This way, they transfer heat generated into the tank, heating the water. Another modification of solar water heating is heating pools of water. The water is moved through compartments containing solar harvesting equipment. The equipment heats the water and is transferred back to the swimming pool. This way, tariff rates for power are drastically reduced.

3. Solar lighting

Solar lighting is also becoming very common. Solar-powered bulbs light up many roadways and houses. The bulbs are connected to batteries, which solar panels have charged during the day. So, the bulbs can be used by the consumer anytime they are needed.

4. Solar heating

Many buildings–offices, houses–are heated by solar power systems. The solar heaters can be used to hear radiant floors or paired with Forced Hot Air systems to heat a building in winter.

5. Portable solar chargers

Portable charging is another application of solar power systems that actively influences our lives. Solar systems can be modified and incorporated into portable devices, through which we can charge up our devices–mobile phones, headphones–when they run low on battery.

In conclusion, household applications of solar power utilization are gaining a lot of popular support and gradually, our lifestyles that will be modified because of it.