Top 6 Benefits of Solar Power Over Conventional Energy Sources
March 12, 2022

Solar power is fast becoming commonplace as a source of energy. The rise in technological advancements, coupled with fuel-based materials as energy sources, has adversely affected the ecosystem. As a result, scientific research has turned its attention to finding cleaner means of generating energy to stem the damage done as a result of pollution from other energy sources. This, amongst other factors, has resulted in the development of solar collectors and photovoltaic cells, the fundamental units of solar power plants.

Solar power has several benefits over any of the existing energy sources, some of which include:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Solar power is cost-effective compared to other conventional energy sources, where power is sourced from raw materials. Solar power is derived from sunlight; therefore, it costs nothing to produce it. The only costs incurred are purchasing and installing the equipment for converting solar energy to electricity.

Likewise, where power consumers are charged per hour of usage, studies show that consumption is highest between 11 am and 4 pm. As a result, the rates spike during this period. However, solar energy generation is at its highest during this period due to sunlight intensity. So, power consumption rates are lesser while using solar systems compared to when using other energy sources.

2. Pollution

Solar energy is categorized as clean energy because there are no emissions from the usage of solar power. Any unused amount returns to the atmosphere or is stored in solar batteries. This presents a benefit of solar energy over conventional energy sources since those other energy sources give emissions, which trigger environmental pollution.

3. Universal usage

Solar power, or solar-powered systems, are usable anywhere globally, no matter how remote or technologically inaccessible the location is. The accessibility gives consumers an edge when choosing to use solar power systems. On the other hand, the other energy sources can only be utilized when the necessary technology to generate or use them is available. For example, transmission wires for electric transmission are expensive to install in certain terrains.

4. Property value increase

Studies have shown that facilities–houses, offices, apartments– installed solar systems are valued higher than properties that don’t have solar systems installed. Also, prospective buyers prefer properties with pre-installed solar systems, which tend to get acquired quickly.

5. Resistance to common power issues

Unlike conventional energy sources, solar power systems are secure from common power issues, like blackouts, due to natural disasters and voltage dips. Power generated from hydroelectric plants, for instance, is affected during hurricanes or flooding, while voltage dips affect wind turbine plants. The solar grids are built securely, and natural disasters don’t impede the absorption of sunlight.

6. Predictable, affordable rates

The rates of consumption for solar power are affordable and relatively constant, and even consumers can predict price changes. Known rates allow for better planning with available funds. There are even predictions that the rates will reduce even further to make solar power available to everyone.

In summary, solar power is a reliable energy source in every aspect. Already, it is outpacing every other energy source due to its apparent benefits, and there is an expected rise in popularity in the foreseeable future.